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29 June 2012 @ 07:27 am
An open letter  
To those people wanting to boycott Oreos for their gay pride ad:

You will have to give up your Mac, or stop using Microsoft Windows. Both Apple and Microsoft support gay rights. Oh, and don't use Facebook, either. Don't go to see any Disney movies, or visit their parks, or buy their merchandise. You can't drink Starbucks coffee, eat General Mills cereals, or drive a Ford vehicle. Don't shop at the Gap or Old Navy or any of dozens of other stores.

In fact, it's probably best not to buy anything, eat anything, or use anything ever made, because gay people are great in number and work at every company in America. So stay at home, don't watch TV, just read your Bible and stay out of society, so we don't have to deal with your hateful ways.

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